How it all started

My passion for health and fitness first came about when I was fifteen years old and started looking at food differently. Instead of food being a necessity to life, I became interested in how each ingredient in a meal impacted and supported different aspects of my health. This interest continued after high school when I commenced a Bachelor Degree in Health Science majoring in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I wanted to educate myself more on nutritional medicine and the impacts it had on disease states.

After additionally completing a certificate 3 & 4 in fitness, working as a personal trainer, completing my bachelor and working part time in a health food store my passion in herbal medicine grew. The fact that herbal medicine could support disease states was just so appealing to learn more about. Could herbal medicine have the same effects as pharmaceutical medicine without as many adverse effects? This question fascinated me. So there I was again, enrolling in another degree to become a naturopath (the best thing I have done to date).

Wallah, studying and competing naturopathy finally made me feel fulfilled and my passion for health was at its peak. I could finally join all the dots and everything about diet, environmental factors, life stressors and their impacts on health all made sense.Why I love my job? Because everyday I am learning new things and this learning journey will never stop.

My passion

I truly believe in living an optimal life. Optimal isn’t the same for everyone, it highly depends on the health state, affordability, access but most importantly resources individuals have to healthy living.  This is why everyone is different and no one-diet plan fits all. I believe meal plans and supplement/herbal support needs to be given according to individual needs at a given time. If you nourish the body and give it what it requires you will be surprised what drastic changes you can make to your health.

The mind

I am a firm believer of the mind-body connection and truly believe with a positive mind the body reacts in amazing ways. Success is always achieved with positive thoughts and believing you are capable of what you put your mind to.  Just put it out there and the universe has some weird ways of returning the favor . I hope you enjoy my page. If you would like to book a consultation or have any questions please get in contact with me by clicking here.

Love life,
Zoi xx