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Sun Exposure and Vitamin D- what you should know

There has been a lot of hype about sun exposure, skin health and vitamin D levels. Dermatologists claim that having direct sunlight on your skin can cause skin damage and cancer. Yes, long, harsh, excessive overexposure of sunlight onto skin can be damaging. However people fail to realise that healthy exposure of sunlight contributes to ...

So what’s really in your toothpaste? The truth, the toxins and the nasties

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When I first started getting into health and wellness I only really investigated endogenous (internal) factors and how they impacted my overall health. As my knowledge grew my research shifted onto exogenous (external) factors. Through hours of research I was shocked! To my amaze I realised I was using so many everyday household items and ...

My superfood of choice in spring- chlorophyll!

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When clients ask me about my favourite supplements/superfoods my answer is ‘it usually depends on the season’. So this season I am all over chlorophyll.   Chlorophyll is the green pigment you find in plants and algae. It is also involved in the process of photosynthesis, which is where plants convert sunlight into energy that they can ...

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