Gluten and it’s link with problem skin and health

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Think that gluten can be the cause of your bad skin? Well you may be happy to know that you may be onto something. A couple of weeks ago I talked about dairy and its effects on skin. Today I want to touch on gluten and how that bread or pasta you’re consuming may be the underlying cause to your skin problems.

So Exactly what is gluten?

Gluten refers to proteins found in wheat endosperm. Even though it’s specific to wheat it can also be found in other cereal grains such rye, barley and similar grains. Gluten is composed of two proteins (gliadin and glutenin).

What foods contain gluten?

You can find gluten in the following (unless labelled gluten free):

  • cereals, wheat couscous, barley, wheat bran, oats, rye
  • pasta and noodles (hokkien, soba)
  • bread, biscuits and cakes
  • sausages and crumbed meats
  • gravy, mustard, soy sauce, salad dressings
  • beer (most)
Why can it be so bad for you skin and health?

Gluten isn’t necessarily bad for everyone. Not every single person that consumes gluten has an intolerance to it. Gluten intolerant people have a condition called coeliac disease, which means that there immune system reacts abnormally to it (increased inflammation) causing small bowel damage. This bowel damage is known to decreases nutrient absorption and therefore lead to possible deficiencies (as well as a number amount of systemic complications). What does this mean for our skin? Less absorbance of the nutrients and building blocks required for skin health.

It is believed that another form of intolerance associated with gluten is nonceliac gluten sensitivity. This is when individuals get similar symptoms to those who have coeliac disease such as diarrhoea, joint pain and fatigue but don’t have damaged intestines. These changes in bowel motions still affect nutrient absorption, further affecting skin health and much more.

So think about your diet and the amount of gluten you consume. Do you think that gluten is the answer to your bad skin?

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