Is dairy consumption the culprit of your bad skin?

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Do you ever see your skin flare up from increased intake of diary in your diet (cheese, yoghurt, milk etc)? Or do you notice improvements in your skin health when you eliminate dairy? You may be happy to know that by simply eliminating or reducing diary in your diet can dramatically improve your skin health. Yes, it’s that simple.

So how is dairy consumption exactly causing these negative impacts on your skin? I have explained the main reasons simply below:

  1. Dairy is packed with hormones, which can lead to acne. Remember dairy comes from pregnant cows so you’re also ingesting the hormones involved in the reproductive process.
  2. Dairy is considered a highly inflammatory food and therefore can exacerbate existing or cause acne and other skin complications.
  3. Dairy contains lactose, which is considered a sugar. Intake of lactose not only spikes insulin, which in itself can cause breakouts, but can also cause allergic reactions.
  4. Lastly my favourite point that I always tell my patients; humans are the only living species that consume milk after lactation, and from another source (so not even from our own mothers). Just think about it, it just doesn’t seem right!

Is dairy the sustaining or contributing factor to your bad skin? After reading this post you may now think so!

It’s not hard to avoid dairy and still have nutritious and tasty meals. Below is an example of what your ‘non-dairy’ food intake can look like for the day.


  • Gluten free bread, 1/4 avocado, fresh tomato and a few slices of salmon
  • Porridge/muesli with almond/rice milk (see ‘Bircher’ recipe below)


  • Chicken vegetable soup (mix of vegetables of your choice)
  • Quinoa salad with vegetables and protein of choice (beef, chicken, tuna)


  • Fish of choice with 2 cups of steamed vegetables, seasoned with lemon, sea salt and pepper
  • Beef roast with 2 cups of roasted vegetables


Love life,
Zoi xx


Post written for ‘The Beauty House’ website


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